Cynthcart V1.2.4 Short Manual

How to use Cynthcart v1.2.4

Cynthcart V1.2.4            code by Paul Slocum    
                            Short Manual J. Maag    


Z Saw Bass 
X Saw Bass 2
C Saw Filter 5ths
V Saw Port 
B Pulse 
N Pulse High 
M Sine High Long
, Sine Port 
. Noise
/ Mute
F1 octave 3
F3 octave 2
F5 octave 1
F7 octave 0
A short release
S med release
D long release
J video on
K video when playing
L video off (reduces noise)
: volume low

; volume med
= volume high
Up/Down fifths off
Left/Right fifths on
Space Bar whammy bar
RETURN On Screen Help
CTRL Custom Patch
F1 regular SID HEX edit
F7 piano overlay SID HEX edit
F3 Save Custom Patch
QWERTYUIOP tuning (-40 to +50)
A Filter On
S Filter Off
D Filter Disabled (stays off)
Commodore Taste
ASDFGHJ set fixed filter value
V Paddle2 Off
B Paddle2 Pulse width
N Paddle2 LFO
M Paddle2 Bend
Z Filter ON
X Filter OFF
C Filter Disable
F1 portamento fast 
F3 portamento med 
F5 portamento slow
F7 portamento off
A short attack
S med attack
D long attack
Z LFO slow
X LFO med
C LFO fast 
V LFO warp 
B LFO off
N LFO low
M LFO med
, LFO high 
J video mode 1
K video mode 2  
L video mode 3
; Video EFX Size Normal
: Video EFX Fullscreen
Up/Down Paddle2 off 
Left/Right Paddle on 

A paddle controller plugged into controller port 2 Potentiometer Y, Pin 7 (+5V) and Pin 9) ,is automatic activated and will control the filter cutoff.
A paddle controller plugged into controller port 2 Potentiometer X, Pin 7 (+5V) and Pin 5 Is assignable to LFO depth Pitch or Puls width.
Using the SID HEX editor:
Use RUNSTOP+F1 to enter normal SID HEX editing mode. This allows you to edit SID registers directly.  
Use 0-9 and A-F to enter the two digit address to change, followed by the two digit value to write to
that address.
If you are using the piano keyboard overlay, the numbers and some letters will be covered,
so to use an alternate keyboard setup for the SID HEX edit: press RUNSTOP+F7 and then use the black keys for 0-9 and the center white keys for A-F.


Gebrauchsanweisung (Kurz-Manual) als PDF Datei zum Download :

Download English Short Manual
Download Kurz Manual Deutsch